Good Things Grow

LRobinson0802_017.jpgKids can learn just as much outside the classroom as within. And here in South Phoenix—and the Roosevelt School District more specifically—generations of students have thrived at the foot of South Mountain for over one hundred years, in one of the most culturally and environmentally diverse communities in Arizona. Unfortunately, in recent years this heritage of fruit orchards and flower gardens has largely given way to development that often overlooks the interconnectedness of this community to its agricultural roots. But these roots have not been forgotten.

I’m asking you to join me in making good things grow again in South Phoenix. Specifically, I propose we partner to plant a mini-orchard at each of the 18 campuses within the Roosevelt Elementary School District. Our kids, and our community, deserve a healthy environment and access to healthy food. To live in neighborhoods that aren’t food deserts. To be mentally and physically fit. And to be a part of a project that will provide sustenance for our community for five, ten, and fifty years to come. But I need my idea to become our goal.

Phase 1: Demonstrate. We’ll begin by breaking ground on the first Demonstration Orchard at the Roosevelt District Wellness Center on January 25, 2014 to serve as an exhibition location for the entire community to learn about the concepts of sustainability, permaculture, and nutrition.

Phase 2: Educate. Over the course of the next 12 months, I hope to raise enough funds to develop the appropriate curriculum and to plant a mini-orchard at each of our 18 schools so that children and residents in every neighborhood within South Phoenix have the opportunity to participate and learn.

Phase 3: Cultivate. Finally, we’ll partner with The Urban Farm, Valley Permaculture Alliance, & Center for Neighborhood Leadership to move out into our community and plant trees within our neighborhoods to provide shade, food, & pride here in South Phoenix.

But I can’t do this without you. Help us by sponsoring the planting of at least one tree to provide local food, shade, & beauty. Let’s make Good Things Grow again in Roosevelt.


Lawrence Robinson

Roosevelt School District | Governing Board Member

PS- Click here to look at the rendering for Phase 1, the Demonstration Orchard! We need to raise over $8000 by the end of January to make this a reality, help us now!